The Royal Breakspear Company

Introducing The Royal Breakspear Company in a quick few paragraphs is no mean feat. William Breakspear has teamed up with slew of producers with rap sheets as long as Keyser Söze's to bring you 6 tracks of collaborative fury.

The release kicks off with an Electro Swing a la party breaks collusion with glitch hop heavy hitter, Mouldy soul. Expect big skankin prime time breaks and suitable balls out baselines to boot. Next up is Big Willy's collaboration with relative newcomer and SixAM collaborator, Whitenoiseboy. The main room party flex continues with an 8-bit nintendo banger twist.

Rollin on, the tag team with Jiffster is sunshine fuelled summer skanky. This has blessed out festival vibes written all over it….with lashings and lashings of bass of course.
New Zealand’s favourite son of glitch hop, K+Lab, adds his contribution with Mr. ‘spear on the huge "Black Hole". Patented K+Lab nasty baselines define this head nodding chugger…and are those Bollywood string samples I hear?

Time to get nasty! Krossbow & WB pull it out the bag with "Nervous System".  Big techie baselines somewhat moombatonish drums make this one a unique dance floor destroyer!
Finally, the SPR Head honchos, SixAM & Billy Breakspear, Go head to head and give their first ever collaboration a re-lick of epic proportions! Big stinking baselines and funky jabs. Just how we like it!

With support for the artists and label from DJs as excellent and varied as; Tipper, Africa Bambaata, Gaudi, Far Too Loud, Bassnectar, DJ Switch, Lady Waks, Opiuo, AMB, Blunt Instrument, Vent, ill Gates, Mochipet, Headflux, DJ Woody, 601, Freq Nasty, Laurent Garnier, Spinforth, J-Pod, DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot, DJ Food, Stereo:Type, Stickybuds, JFB, Karton, Backdraft, Kouncilhouse, Boom Monk Ben, and the list goes on! With performances all over the world this year and sets at some prestigious summer festivals like Glade, Secret Garden Party, Boom, Shambala, and more this summer, this lot are a force to be reckoned with!

For more on ye featured artystes - William Breakspear,
Mouldy Soul, K+Lab, Krossbow, SixAM, Jiffster & Whitenoiseboy